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ARMECHGEDDON is a furious bullet hell, with edge-of-your-seat action and intense local co-op gameplay. Pilot your experimental military hardware across five engaging campaigns, each with unique enemy and boss encounters. ARMECHGEDDON takes our favorite SHMUP elements and fuses them with modern influences.


-Responsive, twitch based controls paired with fast, smooth gameplay.
-Cleverly designed boss encounters, each with unique movement and attack patterns.
-Devastating weapon drops and power-ups make your mech the ultimate war machine.
-Procedurally generated battlefields, spanning five environment types.
-Dynamic encounters make each session different from the last.
-Play with one or two players, gameplay will adjust accordingly.
-Bonus Survival Mode - Battle to be the last man standing, compete for high scores.
-Support for a wide array of game controllers, as well as keyboard + controller combo's for co-op.

As it stands, ARMECHGEDDON is in its early development stage. The game was born out of a jam we did this summer, and the fun we had there, led us here. Our hope is that with your help, we'll craft another fantastic SHMUP. You can see the beginnings of our journey here : http://gamejolt.com/games/armechgeddon-ivg/80346

We're targeting PC, MAC, and LINUX. We know we're a perfect match for couch multiplayer, however, so let us know where you would like to see ARMECHGEDDON!

We'd love to hear from you! Please drop us a line below, follow us on twitter, or send us an email directly. We always have an open ear, and keep an open mind.



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